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Welcome to my website. I’m a believer in an Internet for everyone, decentralized and accessible to all. Yet still half the planet has no access. I’m an early adopter and player with social media, yet mostly seeing how it works to benefit platforms and advertisers who show little genuine care for the rights and privacy of the users of those platforms. And I’m an experimenter with Web 3, trying to balance the enormous possibilities with the risks in order to see what’s next.

Here – at the intersection of business, communication and technology – I analyze and discuss trends, behaviours and practices in social and digital communication to help you (and I) understand the new landscapes and what they mean for each of us. Thanks for visiting.

Latest Articles

  • The hate speech problem on X: a test of conscience for users and brands
    I’ve often wondered what event would happen, or what tipping point would be reached, for people to abandon ship on X formerly known as Twitter. Since being acquired by Elon Musk in October 2022, the social network’s decline that has been going on for a number of years has accelerated…
  • With GPT Builder you can create your own personalised ChatGPT
    In the fast-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, generative AI tools like ChatGPT have emerged as frontrunners, captivating the imagination of technophiles and business leaders alike. The allure of these AI marvels lies in their remarkable ability to simulate human-like interactions, offering insights, generating ideas, and even composing literary pieces. This…
  • The Pebble phoenix and the X effect
    If there’s one thing that’s certain in the tumult of social networks today, it is that nothing is certain. Things change, often in unexpected ways, and change fast. The latest illustration of how fast is Pebble. Two weeks ago, the social network startup announced that it was shutting down on…
  • Recognition in 2023 Top 10 PR Blogs ranking
    For most people, it’s pleasing to receive unsolicited recognition for an achievement or piece of work that demonstrates excellence in one form or another, as perceived by those who give the recognition. That applies to me, as I’m thrilled to see that this blog,, has been recognised in the…
  • Calling Time on X
    Something has changed recently with regard to X, the social network that used to be Twitter until Elon Musk arbitrarily rebranded it to X last July. Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter closed in October 2022, the social network has endured constant upheaval and chaos as Musk set about dismantling its…
  • X, Moral Bankruptcy, and the Business of Hate
    An opinion article by Dave Lee published on Bloomberg on 5 October has ignited a conversation about the ethical implications of using X, Elon Musk’s social media platform, formerly known as Twitter. Despite the platform’s increasing notoriety for promoting violent and divisive content and its prominent role in the spread…

Asides /

  • In the wake of the Covid-19 global health crisis in 2020-22 that reshaped our world, the United Kingdom has embarked on an ambitious and crucial endeavour: the Covid-19 public inquiry. Announced in May 2021 by then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this independent public inquiry delves into the UK government’s response […]
  • Last Friday 17 November marked a pivotal moment in the AI industry, with the unexpected announcement by OpenAI that its CEO, Sam Altman, had been fired by the company’s board of directors. The surprise event has since spiralled into a media maelstrom. Over the weekend, rumours and speculation flooded both […]
  • Since I first got to know WordPress with version 1.2 back in 2004, I must have installed, set up and used well over 30 themes in my quest for the subjective “great look and feel” for my websites. At least ten were themes I paid money for. I’m not a […]
  • For some time, I’ve wanted to update the social network icons on my primary blog to use icons that accurately represent the social networks concerned. There have been many changes this year – not the least being Twitter’s change to X – plus the emergence of new social networks like […]
  • As a podcaster, I’m conscious of the need for ambient quiet in the room where I record audio and video. That’s my home office. It’s not a formal recording studio with sound-absorbing panels, etc, just a room with a view, desks, a picture or two, a bookcase, some knick-knacks, and […]


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