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Welcome to my website. I’m a believer in an Internet for everyone, decentralized and accessible to all. Yet still half the planet has no access. I’m an early adopter and player with social media, yet mostly seeing how it works to benefit platforms and advertisers who show little genuine care for the rights and privacy of the users of those platforms. And I’m an experimenter with Web 3, trying to balance the enormous possibilities with the risks in order to see what’s next.

Here – at the intersection of business, communication and technology – I analyze and discuss trends, behaviours and practices in social and digital communication to help you (and I) understand the new landscapes and what they mean for each of us. Thanks for visiting.

Latest Articles

  • Understanding AI in the Context of History
    It often seems that you can’t visit a website, read a newspaper, or use your smartphone without the touch of artificial intelligence. Everywhere you look, there is an article, an opinion, a video, or a blog post about AI and its good or bad impact on society. Utopia or dystopia…
  • How AI is Changing the Consulting Game
    As artificial intelligence transforms the consulting industry, the traditional pricing model based on billable hours is quickly becoming obsolete. With AI cutting the time needed for many consulting tasks, clients are demanding a shift to value-based pricing. That’s the essential premise of a thought-provoking article last month by Tracey Shirtcliff…
  • Not Using AI Could Become a Matter of Negligence
    In FIR podcast episode 403 of our For Immediate Release podcast, the long-form monthly edition for April, Shel Holtz and I discussed a range of compelling subjects over the course of an 82-minute conversation. I’d like to talk about one of our topics in particular: the remarkable keynote address that…
  • How AI is Changing the Game for Intellectual Property and Trademark Law
    The relentless and transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the professional sphere is nowhere more evident than in the complex world of intellectual property (IP) and trademark law. In episode 8 in Season 3 of the Ideas to Innovation podcast I host for Clarivate, we explore the intersection of…
  • The Evolution of Search in the Age of AI Chatbots
    Today, we’re witnessing a pivotal transformation in how we search for and interact with information online. With established AI chatbots like ChatGPT and new entrants like Perplexity gaining prominence, the narrative of search is rapidly evolving, presenting a mix of opportunities and challenges for giants and newcomers in the search…
  • First Looks at the iContact Camera Pro Webcam
    Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried out a variety of webcams that offer features to enable you to look the other person in the eye, at their eye level, when connecting live via Teams, Zoom, etc. They also let you look your audience in the eye, so to…

Asides /

  • The forthcoming UK general election on 4 July, announced by Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on 22 May (outside No 10 Downing Street, in the pouring rain), will be a pivotal moment in UK politics. According to opinion polls, Labour currently enjoys at least a 20-point lead over the Conservatives, […]
  • There’s something uniquely nostalgic about rummaging through old boxes. It’s like flipping through pages of a dusty photo album, where each item stirs a long-forgotten memory. Yesterday, as I delved into boxes at the back of my garage, trying to make some progress with our de-cluttering project, I unearthed a […]
  • When I started this blog in 2020, I intended it as a companion site to my main blog, a sandbox to write about wider-ranging topics and my experiments with WordPress themes not quite fit for the main stage. This site has served its purpose admirably, providing a space for explorations […]
  • In the small hours of this Sunday, 31 March, across the United Kingdom and the European mainland, an age-old ritual unfolded almost magically. In unison at 1 a.m. GMT/UTC, as if by the command of Chronos himself, we have “sprung forward,” adjusting our clocks and watches to steal an hour […]
  • A recent report from the Pew Research Center reveals that while representative democracy remains a popular ideal globally, public satisfaction with its implementation has declined. The study, published this week, surveyed 24 countries in 2023. It found that majorities in each country still endorse this system of democracy where representatives […]


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