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I launched this site in February 2006 when I moved from TypePad where I’d been blogging since 2004. The old site remains as an archive.

NevilleHobson.com runs on WordPress and uses the Canvas theme, offering sites owners and visitors alike a rich interactive experience.

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.The site itself is hosted on a DreamHost server somewhere in the US. I’ve been with DreamHost since 2006 and, overall, I’m happy with their service especially since I moved everything to a Virtual Private Server in late 2009. And I especially like their green credentials.

So I’m pleased to recommend DreamHost VPS if you’re looking for a reliable and stable hosting service that provides you with tons of bandwidth and disk space at an affordable price.


One of the problems everyone confronts when creating a blog or any other website is trying to ensure that the site works for every visitor no matter what browser they’re using and on whatever device. I’ve been focused on this as I put this site together and continue to develop it.

While I do hope that your experience here is worthwhile, I’d like to just point out a couple of things.

This site is designed to work equally well in the latest release versions of Firefox (Windows, Mac, Unix), Google Chrome (Windows), Internet Explorer (Windows), and Safari (Mac, Windows).

“Work equally well” means the layout, presentation and your interaction with the content should be the same in any of these browsers.

Now we hit the reality check with Internet Explorer. One thing with IE versions 6 and earlier and, in some instances, with version 7, is that it interprets HTML and other markup in ways that are a bit proprietary. This means that things sometimes don’t look as they should in IE and things sometimes don’t work as they should.

My recommendation: use Firefox or Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer. If you have to use IE, make sure it’s the latest version with the latest patches applied. If you are using IE and in case what you see in your browser looks a little odd (a distinct possibility), here’s what this blog should look like:


The site will also recognize your visit if you’re using a mobile device, and serve content to you formatted for the device.

So you’ll have a good experience whether you’re on a BlackBerry, an iPhone, an Android phone, Nokia, anything running Windows Mobile, etc.

If you do encounter anything here that’s peculiar, though, or something that doesn’t work or doesn’t work as you had expected, then please let me know. Thanks.

And, you’ll be able to print any post or page here where you see a “Print this …” link. No more wasted paper that’s hard to read!

[Updated: July 25, 2010]

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