Customer disservice from Virgin Media

I thought I was over writing posts about ineffective customer service, the kind of thing that was pretty common four or five years ago. The type of customer service that revolves around call centres and staff that, while friendly and polite enough, either couldn’t move outside their scripted processes, and/or didn’t have accurate information, and/or different call centre people had conflicting information. The type of poor customer service from Virgin Media that I’ve written about in the past. (There’s worse

100Mbps is great but it’s not just about content consumption

Higher-speed broadband arrived at my house this week when Virgin Media flipped the switch to deliver over 100Mbps download speed via a fibre-optic cable connection, doubling the 50-60Mbps I’ve been enjoying for the past few years. I knew this was coming as I’d had to upgrade the cable modem last month to Virgin’s Media’s Superhub – an attractive bit of kit (made by Netgear, incidentally) that incorporates a wireless router – in preparation for the higher speed. Setting it up

Customer service in the age of the retweet

Virgin Media’s major service outage this morning reminded me how things have actually changed for the better with this company, certainly in my experience as a customer. Not only has their cable broadband internet service vastly improved in uptime and overall reliability compared to a few years ago but also their customer service, broadly speaking, is better than I remember. I certainly wouldn’t anticipate writing rants like this one again, or this one. Overall, I’m pleased with the service I

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