FIR Cut: Starbucks Twitter hashtag hijacked by critics

Overflow from FIR #683 on December 24, 2012. Mashable: Starbucks Twitter Hashtag Campaign Becomes Forum for Brand-Bashing Telegraph: Starbucks Twitter campaign hijacked by tax protests Twitter: #SpreadTheCheer Listen Now: Download this podcast (MP3, 3.95Mb; length 9:47) If you want to automatically receive FIR Cuts as they’re published, subscribe to the RSS feed. (What are FIR Cuts?)

The toxic mix of legality, morality and reputation

I first heard the phrase “It may be legal but is it moral?”in relation to the kerfuffle that blew up in the summer regarding the tax minimization activities of celebrities. What was happening – complex financial schemes to shelter income from the tax man in offshore tax havens and so pay the minimum UK tax possible – was indeed perfectly legal. But the current climate of economic gloom, belt-tightening all around and bleak-sounding prospects into the coming year made it


Paying with your smartphone at Starbucks UK

When Starbucks announced recently that an Android app is now available in the UK to let you pay for your coffee and other products in store with that app, I was looking forward to trying it out. And I finally did that yesterday at Starbucks in Hammersmith Broadway, west London, in a process that took less than ten seconds to complete: Load app and log in to your Starbucks account Hit ‘Pay Now’ Hold phone to store’s barcode scanner and


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