When I think about SpinVox and the huge public kerfuffle that broke out last month stemming from allegations made in a BBC investigation over SpinVox’s audio-to-text transcription service, Billy Flynn and razzle-dazzle from the musical Chicago is mostly what springs to my mind.

(You can read the lyrics, too.)

The allegations the BBC and others have made are pretty serious – they’re largely about how much of SpinVox’s transcription work is done by computers, how much by people in call centres abroad, and whether the company is in breach of any UK and EU data protection laws – to which SpinVox responded shortly after the BBC’s initial report with a formal statement robustly addressing and mostly dismissing the charges, followed up with an informal commentary in a blog post.

Those responses haven’t really satisfied anyone, though (looking to me rather like the razzle-dazzle epitomized by Richard Gere as Billy Flynn in the song).

Or, to borrow an advertising metaphor, maybe the question is: where’s the beef, SpinVox?

I’ve commented about this SpinVox kerfuffle from the broad PR and specific reputation-damage perspectives in various episodes of the FIR podcast (471, 470 and 469) plus a couple of audio commentaries at Audioboo.

My views have represented only one voice among many as the blogosphere has been alight with commentary and opinion about SpinVox for much of this time, with increasingly-loud calls for the company to conclusively address the allegations.

SpinVox chose to do that via a carefully-controlled event to which journalists and some bloggers were invited – although at least one blogger refused to attend because of the control – and at which the company would demonstrate its technology. The event took place on August 4 at their Marlow headquarters.