Movie marketing with imagination comes to LinkedIn with Taken 3

Promoting a new movie across the social web nowadays is an integral part of most movie marketing as the film studios and distributors try to get their movie of the moment talked up and shared online. The ultimate goal is more ticket sales and great viewing numbers at the cinema. There’s also the subsequent revenue and brand opportunities with merchandising and streaming/sales of digital and disc versions of the film once the cinema run is over. Buzz-building across the social

Fake LinkedIn profiles are not okay, Okay

Would you imagine that a new company has profiles on the business social network LinkedIn that build up a solid picture of smart and influential staff members working for a legitimate business – yet the profiles are fakes? That’s what Okay App has done according to Hans Kullin, who writes about his suspicions being proven after he received a couple of requests to connect: […] It didn’t take much investigation to find out that these LinkedIn profiles were completely fake,

Introducing "FIR presents Linked Conversations with Chuck Hester"

The FIR Podcast Network is pleased to announce a new podcast focused on getting the most from the LinkedIn business network that will begin later this month. Presenter Chuck Hester explains… I’ve known Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson for many years, and have enjoyed hearing – and learning from – For Immediate Release from the beginning. So, when they suggested that I host a podcast about LinkedIn for the FIR Podcast Network, I was honoured. You see, I’ve been a

Fine-tune your LinkedIn profile with Endorsements

If you use LinkedIn, the social network for business, you’ll very likely be interested in a new feature LinkedIn is rolling out that gives you the ability to rate the people in your network on their skills and expertise. Others in your network can do the same for you if they choose to. LinkedIn Endorsements lets you “endorse” your connections for a skill they’ve listed on their profile or recommend one they haven’t added yet. In other words, you’re recommending

Make your LinkedIn story a compelling one

I spent a few hours this weekend on updating my profile on LinkedIn, the business social networking site. Most of my content changing went on the profile summary which is the first and sometimes only information about you a potential employer, recruiter or client pays attention to before deciding whether or not to take a next step, eg, get in touch. Recruiters especially do pay attention to social networking sites. Think of your profile summary as your silent elevator pitch.

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