A compelling future for digital business media

In May, the Financial Times went on record to say with some confidence that they expect to see more paying subscribers to the paper’s digital edition by the end of 2012 than to its traditional printed newspaper. In a post on the FT’s Press Office Blog on July 27, the paper says that digital subscriptions have surpassed print circulation globally, five months ahead of its own time prediction. The FT’s results for the first half of 2012 show that more

Easy FT on the iPhone

The Financial Times has joined the growing group of media companies offering an easy means for readers and subscribers to access the newspaper’s online content from wherever they happen to be via a bespoke app for the iPhone. Today the FT launched its new FT mobile app for iPhone (iTunes link) that combines clean and fast access to FT.com content with the iPhone’s oh-so-easy user interface. And a pretty experience it is, too, as this Animoto video at YouTube that

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