london10nov06One of the great things about conferences on social media (blogs, wikis, podcasting) is the wide variety of comment and opinion they tend to generate among everyone who participates.

With more than 120 participants, Friday’s Delivering The New PR in London was no exception.

This was the last in the current series of one-day conferences from the University of Sunderland which, as with every previous conference, attracted a sell-out crowd of communicators from the broad organizational spectrum across the UK – private sector, public sector, non-profits and charities.

All these different organizations have these things in common – the need to gain some knowledge about social media, where it fits within traditional PR, and how to use it.

As one of the presenters – joining Philip Young, Chris Rushton, Tom Murphy and Stuart Bruce – I found the day an exceedingly worthwhile event as it generated plenty of discussion among so many people.