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Speeding your eBay purchase to you

It is estimated Britons will spend more than £66 million online this Christmas buying a third of all their presents, according to news reports. Apparently, research carried out by eBay also shows that almost half of shoppers who have bought online now prefer the virtual high street to the real one, with Amazon expected to be the top online destination. I was reminded of such consumer behaviour and online spending when I saw this truck this afternoon on the M4


Dopplr out of private beta

Dopplr is a travel information service I’ve been trying out for the past few months in their private beta, courtesy of an invitation from Dan York. I like it a lot as it enables me to do this: Dopplr is the first online tool for global business travellers. Dopplr lets you share your travel plans privately with a group of friends and colleagues whom you have chosen. It then tells you when people you know will be in the same


Paris and Le Web 3 is the place to be right now

If you’re in tech, Silicon Valley may be the place you pay attention to for 363 or so days of the year, but for the other two, Paris is the place to be right now. Today Le Web 3 ’07 Fourth Edition kicks off, the brainchild event from Loic Le Meur, where nearly 1,800 people from around the world will meet and greet and generally have a terrific time immersed in some of the most innovative and compelling thinking and


Cuts from FIR #300

Yesterday’s marathon FIR #300 resulted in some large chunks being cut: all the 1-Minute News items plus a terrific report from Sallie Goetsch. You can get that content here either by downloading the files or listening here and now. 1-Minute News: New Influencer Study Initial Findings Shared At SNCR Identifying the Long Tail Watson Wyatt Study Reveals Six Communication “Secrets” of Top-Performing Employers Radio has picture-perfect future Download FIR #300 1-Minute News MP3 (13:25). Sallie Goetsch: From the Podcast Asylum:


The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #300: December 10, 2007

Content summary: The 300th episode; R.I.P. Marc Orchant; follow-up discussions: live Twittering, Technorati rankings, when to release online content; retrospectives from 300 shows: ethics in public relations, corporate blogging, Second Life, developments in public relations; Lee Hopkins reports; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; David Phillips reports; contributions from John Wall, Christopher Penn, Mitch Joel, Eric Schwartzman, Clarence Jones, Heidi Miller, Dan York, Donna Papacosta, CC Chapman, Phil Gomes; music from the Plain White T’s; and more. [Messages from our


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