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RSS and Plan A

Thinking about the look and feel of this new blog, one thing that was in my mind from early on was that I would create a new presence that is more geared to RSS than to a traditional site on the web. My own online reading habits have changed dramatically over the past year as RSS has been taken up by more and more sites on the web, not just blogs. Rarely do I visit websites when I subscribe to

Things can only go up

Talk about starting from scratch! I just set up this blog with Technorati, made the claim and added the code so that it is listed as a blog that belongs to me, is included in my profile and enables it to be found in Technorati searches. It’s humbling – although hardly surprising – to see where Technorati ranks it right now: Contrast this with how Technorati sees NevOn, the blog on TypePad I’ve been writing since July 2004: So I

Setting up for the switch

Ok, the blog is installed! The one-click installation procedure at DreamHost really makes it so simple. This is mainly a test post using QumanaXP 3.0 beta, just to see that it works. This WordPress blog will be a work in progress to start with as I set things up ready for live and for replacing my presence on TypePad. So after 19 months, nearly 1,500 posts and over 2,800 comments and trackbacks there, the conversation will move to a new

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