Test piloting shiny new objects to see what’s coming next

As a Communicator, Social Strategist, Consultant, Digital Change Agent, Writer, and Podcaster, I have a strong curiosity for technology and how it’s used helping people and organizations to find their authentic voices in today’s distrusting world.

I am a believer in an Internet for everyone yet still half the planet has no access. A believer in Web 3 for everyone yet what I see is a land grab that is far from that. An early adopter and player with social media yet mostly seeing how it works more for platforms and advertisers than works for users of those platforms. A co-founder of podcasts pursuing the power of audio to influence. A traveller from Second Life a generation ago navigating the metaverse of today, applying old learnings and new experiences as it rapidly evolves.

With Big Tech making strides to define what our online experiences will be, what will all this look like tomorrow?

Notwithstanding everything, though, I’m an eternal optimist. New adventures beckon!

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