British Airways Dreamliner

The big asks of British Airways

It’s hard to know what to fully make of the dreadful mess in which British Airways finds itself today. It follows over three full days of massive disruption to the airline’s business that has resulted in wide scale flight cancellations around the world, huge queues at terminals at the UK’s major airports and many in other countries, and a severe hit on reputation and trust that could cost BA dearly. According to BA, a computer systems failure led to all

Identity inconvenience to the fore in 2016

The topic of identity ought to be front of mind for most of us at the moment following the horrific Paris attacks last week. The ability of the terrorists to freely move around France and to and from Belgium and elsewhere in the European Union highlights the flip side of the convenience and freedoms we’re accustomed to today in a union of countries with largely open borders between the states within the Union. In reality, if you are in a

Car driving evolving into an autonomous car experience

How cars are evolving into ‘experience platforms’ and not simply mobile devices to get you from A to B is a topic of huge interest to anyone paying attention to the crossroads where the automotive industry, technology innovation and human behaviour intersect. (I was going to say ‘collide’ but that would hardly make the best metaphor.) Modern cars are now crammed with technology that offer the occupants of those cars environments that are way beyond driving a car in the

Is your Facebook profile enough to prove your ID?

One thing synonymous with air travel is declaring your identity, usually in the form of a passport or citizen ID card, depending on the country and other factors. In some countries, you can manage just fine with a driving license (a de facto ID document in many places), residency permit for foreigners, or a multitude of means of proving your identity. But would a social networking profile be an approved method of substantiating your identity? Facebook, for instance? The Drum

Klout score takes off with American Airlines

To many people, one of the appealing benefits of a good score on influence ranking services is that you can take advantage of perks – free products, services or experiences offered to you based on how high your rank or score is. Each of the Big Three such services – Klout, Kred and PeerIndex – has its own perks programme. The company that has it down to a fine marketing art in the US is Klout with its associations with

Can Google Hangouts replace press conferences?

Faced with the problem of how to reconcile arranging a press conference for a VIP with the lack of a hard news story, independent communications consultancy Keene Communications adopted a different approach, one that might interest you. Guest writer Michael White explains. This is a story of why we chose to replace a press conference with a Google Hangout On Air and invited bloggers to participate instead of journalists. The results suggest that these types of events could offer a

How to meet entrepreneurs, gain local insights and avoid accommodation costs

Guest post by entrepreneur Fred Caballero, co-founder, Entrepreneurs are hard-working, focused people and, many times, they find themselves on a pretty lonely journey. When my partner and I set up our first company in Dublin in 2008, naturally we had 1,000 more questions than when we started our latest one. While travelling, we thought it would be phenomenal to meet other local entrepreneurs and learn more about “business,” exchange ideas and, of course, get a golden shortcut to insights

Delight your customers, don’t just please them

Some interesting shifts in thinking are getting underway in the travel industry, according to AdAge, with British Airways in the forefront of looking at how they’re using technology in customer service and what they need to do to help their employees deliver outstanding service. AdAge says that the airline is analysing the passenger data it gathers to gain actionable insights into making its customers’ experience more convenient and rich with value to them, presenting service-personalization to passengers in a way

QR codes at heart of lost-and-found service

A topic I’ve written about frequently here is QR codes, those square, random-looking black-and-white images that are meaningless to the eye but content-rich to a cameraphone and some barcode-scanning software. These little barcodes are popping up everywhere these days, and how they’re being used by marketers attracts praise and derision in almost equal measure. Given my glass-half-full approach to such matters, I love discovering imaginative uses of these powerful little tools.And here’s an interesting one – QR codes as an

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