Dustbin of history

See what can happen when you don’t engage online :) The Dilbert strip, December 11, 2010. Related Dilbert posts: [Posterous] What Really Matters: Will Dilbert Do More Cartoons About The Cloud? Dear God, no!

Worry-free congestion charging

One of the realities today of driving into a city like London is the congestion charge, a tax on vehicles entering a specified zone the boundaries of which are clearly marked by signs like the one here. It’s probably largely similar to other cities which operate congestion charging schemes as…

Merry Christmas

The Christmas message in this someecards’ ecard seems pretty apt, a timely one given all the weather and shopping disasters of this month so far. Still, it’s Christmas Eve and, presents, Plan B presents or no presents (or even ‘IOU presents‘), it’s time to shut up shop for a few…