A meme started doing the rounds among some mainstream media types last August on what some people do and read online.

I hadn’t seen it until a post by Drew Benvie included me among those he tagged.

So in the spirit of shared thinking and satisfying anyone’s curiosity, here’s a shortlist of my (typical) week in media.

What I’ve Read

All my media reading – and I define ‘media’ in this context as anything that has an RSS feed – revolves around RSS.

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds, currently around 850, covering as broad a mixture of sources and content as you can imagine.

Of course, I don’t read every single one every single day; that’s just impossible. And some of those feeds relate to searches and watches I set up for client work. Others are things I’ve discovered and want to pay attention to for a while.

Generally, at the start of each day I will quickly (and I do mean quickly) scan the headlines of the RSS feeds in a half-dozen or so of the primary channels I set up in FeedDemon to get a sense of what’s going on in my overall areas of interest.

If a headline grabs my attention, I’ll either read the feed, mark it for later attention, or add it to the shared folder which publishes the content publicly at NewsGator Online for anyone else to subscribe to (that’s what my link blog is).

But there is some core content I do read every day, starting with two feeds that aggregate the content from multiple sources – Headlines from PR Weblogs and the Public Relations Network. There’s some duplication there and I scan headlines to spot content of interest.

Next, feeds from BBC News, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph just to get the balance from mainstream media ostensibly in different parts of the UK political spectrum.

Then comes Twitter, Jaiku, Techmeme, the Financial Times, Micro Persuasion, TechCrunch and BrandRepublic plus a sprinkling of other places that tend to vary day by day.

Blognation was in my daily must-read list before the implosion of that network. But, thanks to some terrific work by Rob Safuto, I’m now getting all the content from the writers in a single RSS feed Rob created (using Yahoo Pipes, I might add).

Oh, and not to forget – the BBC weather forecast for my area. An essential start-the-day RSS read!