Tweet chat: Community engagement and other topics

If you’re a small or medium business and would like to hear what others’ experiences are with using social media effectively, and perhaps share your own experiences, the next Dell tweet chat is for you. Over the course of an hour on Tuesday April 24, starting at 8pm UK, I’ll be moderating discussion on Twitter on these specific topics: What kind of content do you find most engaging for your community? What works? What tips can you share for using

The Social Media Toolkit: a practical guide to social media for small businesses

It seems to me that everyone is trying to figure out the role of social media for their organization, whatever size it is. As more people become become more clued-up about the potential of what social media tools and channels can enable them them do – as well as not do – so the need for better understanding of relevant potential is quite clear. To me, this view is summed up simply and clearly in this cartoon by Hugh MacLeod

Encyclopaedia Britannica goes social

Like most bloggers I know, I tend to link to information resources online when I’m writing about a particular topic. One reason is simply that linking to an explanation of something provides a reader of your content with an opportunity to find out more, or see something in more depth, without you the blogger having to explain it all in your blog post. And like just about everyone I know, I tend to link to material on Wikipedia more than

Key elements in blogger relations

A few months ago, I started working with a company called Conjungo to help them gain some visibility in the blogosphere. Stimulate some interest and, hopefully, some conversations about what they offer. See where and how far a social media approach to getting the word out actually goes. In other words, putting into practice much of the theory about blogger relations. Conjungo has an interesting story to tell that I think is well suited to the niche approach of blogger

Manchester City goes green

The City of Manchester football stadium – home to Manchester City FC – will soon be the first football ground in the world to be powered by sustainable energy when an 85-metre-high 3-megawatt wind turbine comes online next year. When it’s fully operational, it will supply enough energy to meet the stadium’s power needs as well as thousands of nearby homes. According to Pete Bradshaw, Social Responsibility Manager for Manchester City FC, the wind turbine is one of many steps

Reflecting on experiences

It’s the final stage in a week of valuable learning experiences that’s taken me from Milan, Italy, to Detroit, USA, in the space of a few days, all to do with helping two global organizations get a clearer understanding about social media and how and where that fits into organizational communication. Because of Shel‘s and my different schedules, I’m not live with him in today’s FIR. I did record a segment last night which I hope he manages to include in the

On the road again

Heading to Heathrow to catch a flight to Milan, Italy, where I’ll be until Wednesday evening. First visit to that city in over 15 years. It’s a whirlwind week as after Milan, I fly to Detroit, USA. As I’ll be back here at the end of the week, that is literally a flying visit. I won’t be live on Thursday’s FIR with Shel so I will endeavour to get a recording to him in good time. All this means little

The podcasting book is now shipping!

A nice visit today from the UPS guy with two boxes containing copies of How to Do Everything with Podcasting, the book about, well, podcasting written by Shel Holtz and me. Today’s the day the book is now actually available for shipping from Amazon US. In the UK, shipping from Amazon UK starts on July 1. Very soon, the companion website will be up and running. That site will enable you to access updated information on, for instance, podcasting resources

Understanding climate change and what to do about it

Climate change is a hot topic much in the news these days with increasing messages from our governments telling us we need to act now to save the planet. We’re hearing new phrases like ‘carbon neutrality,’ ‘carbon footprint,’ ‘personal CO2 emissions’ and ‘climate forcings’ along with old favourites like ‘greenhouse gas’ and ‘ozone depletion.’ Does anyone really understand all this? Is anyone able to relate it to their personal circumstances, ie, do something that will make a difference? I’ll come

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