FIR is dead. Long live FIR!


On September 7, I co-hosted and recorded the last episode of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report with my podcasting partner, Shel Holtz. It’s a ritual Shel and I have followed every week for the past ten years and nine months since we published the first episode on January 3, 2005. If you’re a regular listener of FIR (the show gained that moniker in its early days), you’ll know that we announced the ending of this podcast in August serving notice, so to speak, that more than a decade of commentary and opinion on all matters at that intersection of business, communication and technology is drawing to a close. In the final episode I touched on the reasons […]

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A chat about podcasting

Since announcing in FIR #820 last week that I’ll be hanging up my FIR podcasting hat (or mic) next month after more than ten years of creating The Hobson and Holtz Report podcast with Shel Holtz each week, I’ve been humbled and encouraged by the array of messages and comments from fans and friends of FIR across all social networks. My favourite has to be this tweet from Mark Blevis: Scale :) Thank you again one and all. Last week, I sat down across the ether via Skype with Joe Thornley in Ottawa for a chat about podcasting, origins, FIR, plans, and more. Joe is one of three presenters – the others being Martin Waxman in Toronto and Gini Dietrich […]

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Talking tech on live radio

For the past six months, I’ve been taking part in a live radio show every other Tuesday as a guest contributor to a morning show on Share Radio UK, a start-up digital radio station broadcasting in London and online. It’s huge fun discussing myriad topical stories related to technology with Georgie Frost, presenter of the daily Consuming Issues show, in the segment called #FutureTech. For about 20-25 minutes, Georgie and I talk about issues and topics that matter to consumers, sharing our thinking about those issues and topics that we think will interest, help or otherwise engage those consumers who listen on DAB or online. You can get a great sense of what our discussions are like with yesterday’s episode: […]

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A new platform for a new network: the FIR Podcast Network is live

FIR Podcast Network

When we introduced For Immediate Release on January 3, 2005, we had no idea we’d still be podcasting more than a decade later. We didn’t know what the state of podcasting would be, that the scope of FIR would expand, or that podcast networks would be a thing. When we started, we just needed a website for show notes and a home for our audio files. Ten years later, we’re still here, with exactly the same website we started with. While our website hasn’t changed, though, everything else has. FIR is evolving into a podcast network, already home to The Hobson & Holtz Report along with the five podcasts we have spun off: Interviews, Book Reviews, FIR Live, FIR Cuts, […]

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Brian Solis and Chris Saad launch Context Matters podcast

A new voice joined the ranks of business podcasts this week in the form of Context Matters, a new audio podcast from Brian Solis and Chris Saad. The podcast’s focus is clear: Context Matters is a podcast featuring discussions at the intersection of business, technology & culture. The first episode was posted on February 4 in which the two hosts discussed Uber, Microsoft HoloLens and “why ‘Women Shouldn’t Code’ according to some people.” It’s just over 35 minutes. Give it a try: It’s terrific to see voices of Brian’s and Chris’s calibre start a podcast. Their collective knowledge, insights and ability to convey their opinions with credibility and subject-matter authority auger very well for Context Matters to become a must-listen […]

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