How does Big Data convert into Business Value? #SmallDataForum podcast episode 7

Big Data

A topic that’s dominated our conversation in recent episodes of The Small Data Forum podcast is fake news and related issues. In episode 7, hosted by Thomas Stoeckle in conversation with regulars Neville Hobson and Sam Knowles, we consider world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee’s call to action on what he sees as three big challenges for the web: Loss of control of personal data; Spread of misinformation; and Questionable political advertising. The second one in particular – spread of misinformation – offers another perspective on the fake news topic, part of the so-called post-Truth world, that speaks to a key aspect of this contemporary phenomenon: the dissemination of falsehoods and how can we address that. Thomas asks: Is it […]

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Narrative versus Fact – the ‘asymmetric information warfare’

Fake News Invasion

In mid 2016, the first episode of a new business podcast was published that set out to address a timely matter facing all of us today: How do you make Big Data less intimidating, more actionable and thus more valuable? That is the question at the heart of the Small Data Forum, an initiative by LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions to listen, learn, share and educate ourselves and others who grapple with the challenges of the information avalanche. The Small Data Forum podcast is a channel to help achieve that objective. The more-or-less monthly podcast is co-presented by Thomas Stoeckle, Head of Strategic Business Development at LexisNexis BIS; Sam Knowles, Founder and Managing Director, Insight Agents; and Neville Hobson (that’s me). We’ve just […]

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Topical issues for business communicators right now

Fake Smiles

On Monday January 2, I had a blast being a guest co-presenter on the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast episode 68 with Shel Holtz, CC Chapman and Dan York. Over the course of a lively 97 minutes – FIR podcasts always go for the long listen – we discussed, debated and opined on topical issues that are on the attention-agenda for many communicators. Here’s the headline list of what we discussed: The incoming press secretary for President-Elect Donald Trump has warned us not to expect business as usual when it comes to the administration’s relationship with the media. What does that bode for the press’s ability to hold the administration accountable — and will the philosophy extend beyond the White […]

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A checkpoint conversation on AI and machine learning in PR

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two subjects in which I’ve long had interest, especially as they relate to organizational change, people’s behaviours and communication, and the future of work. This keen interest is a prime reason why I joined IBM earlier this year, and has intensified as I’ve got to know a great deal about cognitive computing and, of course, IBM Watson. They are both areas where I have some clear views on what this means for organizational communication (including public relations), eg, automation in the workplace. So I was thrilled to be invited by Chip Griffin to join him in conversation in his latest episode of the “Chats with Chip” podcast to discuss such topics. I’ve known Chip […]

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How brands can get involved with podcasting

A few days ago, I had the privilege of participating in an episode of the CIPR’s C-Suite podcast to discuss the topic of podcasting, especially from the point of view of what the medium can mean for brands. I joined host Russell Goldsmith and podcasters Tom Ollerton and Alastair Cole – hosts of The Innovation Ramble, a new UK podcast that’s “investigating the world of innovation one podcast at a time” – at the Markettiers4DC studios in London in a 40-minute conversation for episode 13 that started with each of us talking a bit about our own podcasts (where I focused on the fact that I’d just stopped doing it). Our discussion then jumped into exploring how brands can get […]

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