Samsung (and Facebook) raise the mobile game

The smartphone market continues to rapidly evolve. Who thinks about a smartphone these days as simply a device to make phone calls and send text messages? I don’t – a smartphone is a powerful computer that also makes phone calls and sends text messages. That thought came to me more than once or twice while I watched and listened to Samsung’s press event via live video stream from the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona on Sunday evening. The company

Ella Watson

Podcast: Trends and the Future of Work at #IBMConnect

Breakout Session at IBM Connect 2016: The Future of Work: IBM’s Enterprise Social Solutions provides the platform of tools you need to transform your organization into a social business, enabling you to reach your customers and partners faster, drive innovation, share content and expertise, and complete work faster.  This session explored what’s changing the nature of work – trends and disruptions – IBM’s vision for the coming year and for the future of work with new innovations for personal insights, teamwork, and

Still waiting for the smartwatch tipping point

If I left my smartwatch at home one day, I wouldn’t drive back to get it, says Walt Mossberg in his weekly column in Re/code. It’s a statement that I’m sure would be reflected by many smartwatch owners, me included. Why? Because all the things that current smartwatches can do – messages from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, for instance; or monitoring your heart rate and how many steps you’ve done today; perhaps streaming music from your phone; taking and making

Ad-blockers: naughty or nice?

The issue of ad-blocking, and its impact on sustainable revenue, has been simmering for quite a while says guest author Justin Maxwell, founder and CEO of microdonations and micropayments platform tibit, who suggests one way of addressing the problem head on. Some recent events have pushed ad-blocking into boiling territory over these past couple of months, first with Apple allowing ad-blocking apps into their app store, and then Yahoo trialing a system where some ad-blocking users found themselves blocked from

How to solve the ad blocking question

If you run ad blocking software on your computer or mobile device, you’re either preventing the appearance of obtrusive, annoying ads that sometimes block content and add code that slows down the loading of the site you’re visiting, especially on mobile devices; or you’re strangling the revenue lifelines of companies who need to advertise to keep their businesses running, or enable media companies to keep paying for great journalism. That’s pretty much what the current situation looks like, divided into

Identity inconvenience to the fore in 2016

The topic of identity ought to be front of mind for most of us at the moment following the horrific Paris attacks last week. The ability of the terrorists to freely move around France and to and from Belgium and elsewhere in the European Union highlights the flip side of the convenience and freedoms we’re accustomed to today in a union of countries with largely open borders between the states within the Union. In reality, if you are in a

Car driving evolving into an autonomous car experience

How cars are evolving into ‘experience platforms’ and not simply mobile devices to get you from A to B is a topic of huge interest to anyone paying attention to the crossroads where the automotive industry, technology innovation and human behaviour intersect. (I was going to say ‘collide’ but that would hardly make the best metaphor.) Modern cars are now crammed with technology that offer the occupants of those cars environments that are way beyond driving a car in the

Is Crowd Mics the answer to making events truly engaging?

Such a familiar situation when you go to a conference: Ever been part of an audience and wanted to participate in a live event? Your options were limited: either raise your hand and project as far as your voice allows; or patiently await a wireless microphone to relay its way through the crowd. Yep, that’s the picture I recall from every conference I’ve spoken at or attended in recent years. So a BBC news item today got my attention with

The word on ad blocking

I run ad blocking software in the browser on my computer that prevents ads appearing on most web sites I visit. Chrome is my default browser; as I sign in to my Google account in Chrome, and have it sync across all my devices, I have the ad blocker available to me on all those devices including mobile. I have a white list of sites that I’m happy for ads to show, but they are few and far between. There

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