SNCR joins forces with The Conference Board

In early 2005, I joined a select group of business communicators who were social media early adopters to found a new research organization and think tank that would explore new communication tools and technologies. It had a clear vision: To be the leading think tank for the advanced study of new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, i.e. blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, collaborative tools and the growing phenomena of participatory communications and their effect on traditional media, marketing,


Podcast: The top drivers of employee engagement #IBMConnect

Happy Employees

Breakout Session at IBM Connect 2016: Employee Engagement and Social Technology: Driving Success Together: This session will share the top drivers of engagement across industries and around the world. Then social technological approaches to addressing challenges in each of these key areas for business success will be discussed. It is all about driving the business through employee engagement and arming leadership with the right tools to get the job done! Come to learn how business metrics are affected by engagement and


#FuturePRoof: “The biggest ever conversation about the future of PR” launches

#FuturePRoof, a crowdsourced book and community with the bold ambition of asserting the value public relations has, launched today. The book aims to kick start the biggest conversation ever about the future of public relations. It is available as a free download and printed copies are priced £25.99 from Blurb. Edited and curated by public relations consultant and agency owner Sarah Hall, with a foreword from Ketchum’s chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington, the 33-chapter book covers a wide range of


TalkTalk: Is it time to RunRun?

It’s the stuff of PR nightmares – a company embroiled in its most significant crisis, one that has wider implications in society at large, with negative press and other opinion wherever you look, watch and listen; and photos (like the one in Saturday’s Telegraph, above) presenting a carefree image of its CEO looking like he or she is thinking about anything but the crisis, its effect on stakeholder groups including employees, customers and shareholders, and how to get through it


VW: Recalling a reputation

The Volkswagen emissions-test-cheating scandal moved on a few miles/kilometres this week with developments that saw the VW group headquarters and some employees’ homes raided by German prosecutors and criminal investigators, the CEO of the US subsidiary hauled in front of the US Congress to explain what happened (and where he admitted he knew about the cheating in 2014), finger-pointing gets underway, dire warnings emerge about potential restructuring and job losses, and a share price that has fallen by 40 percent. As


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When the only certainty is change, communicator, blogger and podcaster Neville Hobson analyses and discusses trends, behaviours and practices in digital communication to help you understand what they mean for people and organizations.

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