Some truth behind the humour

I’m sure most of you will at least smile when you read this Dilbert cartoon published yesterday. Scott Adams‘ canny insight into the workplace and contemporary issues highlights underlying truths, in this case concerning the sometimes-collisions between public relations, conflicts of interest and ethical behaviours. Smile at the humour as you…

Dustbin of history

See what can happen when you don’t engage online :) The Dilbert strip, December 11, 2010. Related Dilbert posts: [Posterous] What Really Matters: Will Dilbert Do More Cartoons About The Cloud? Dear God, no!

An alternate hype cycle

For the past few years, I’ve posted about Gartner’s hype cycles when the new series is published by the research firm, usually in mid July or thereabouts. The ones that typically interest me are emerging technologies and social software. What are hype cycles? Wikipedia has a good explanation of the…