3 great reads for this week

Catching up this weekend with news and information in Inoreader, my RSS reader of choice on every device I use, I selected a good dozen or so stories to blog about when time permits. They all join a long list of in-draft posts that, by the time I really do get moments to complete and publish them, the attention opportunities will probably be long past. So I’ll share some of the actual stories directly in this aggregate post that might


Good Sunday reads

It’s a nice change to simply enjoy the start of Sunday morning for the sake of it, spending an hour or so reading about interesting things for no other reason than, well, they’re interesting. The Bank Holiday weekend virtual papers via Flipboard and FeedDemon have a huge amount worth giving some time to. So pour yourself a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and catch up on five stories you may also find interesting: Neil Armstrong’s ‘giant leap for mankind’


Five stories for the holiday weekend

Ever since I started blogging back in 2002, I have always found RSS to be one of the most useful tech tools ever invented. RSS enables me, you, anyone, to automatically receive new or updated content from anywhere on the web, right on your desktop, laptop or mobile device without having to lift a finger to go and find it. All you need is a feed reader and you’re set. I recommend FeedDemon for Windows and Google Reader on the


Five stories for Friday

Content that arrived in my RSS reader this morning presents many interesting things that are going on in business, communication and technology. And so little time to comment on them today other than in passing. While I share links to content I find interesting in my Google Reader account (aka my link blog which you can subscribe to), I wanted to note some of that content here, as much a marker for my own reference as it might be of


Stories for starting the weekend

When I’m desk bound early in the mornings, my habit is tea with RSS. Today is no exception, and a quiet perusal through my 100 or so subscriptions in FeedDemon produced quite a few gems, all of which I share in my link blog. Here’s a dozen of the best for starting the weekend: Google’s App Store for Business to Launch Next Week. Google is set to launch an app store for business next week, Mashable has learned from sources


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