Why the gig economy fits well with the lives of Baby Boomers

We Baby Boomers are benefiting significantly from the gig economy, says author, speaker and optimist Tim Drake. Not just as consumers by it providing lower prices and more convenience, but as participants too. It’s an important bolt-on to something bigger, he says, enabling new ways of doing business to emerge, and a fresh outlook on what ‘work’ is. But is it something we should think about taking a much more active role in? Baby Boomers fit into what I call

Ad-blockers: naughty or nice?

The issue of ad-blocking, and its impact on sustainable revenue, has been simmering for quite a while says guest author Justin Maxwell, founder and CEO of microdonations and micropayments platform tibit, who suggests one way of addressing the problem head on. Some recent events have pushed ad-blocking into boiling territory over these past couple of months, first with Apple allowing ad-blocking apps into their app store, and then Yahoo trialing a system where some ad-blocking users found themselves blocked from


Idle thumbs: Why commuters are the best audience

A guest post by Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix, an advertising technology company backed by Telefonica and Blackstone. Any marketer worth their salt knows all customers were not made equal, and that’s particularly true of commuters, where getting the bus or train into work is now a prime opportunity to check our smartphones and tablets to catch up on the latest news, gossip and games. With the average number of devices set to exceed four per person by 2020, we’re

Mobile can grow, but publishers are losing out on revenue

A guest post by Simon Birkenhead, CEO of Axonix, an advertising technology company backed by Telefonica and Blackstone. Facebook recently announced its Q3 results and, for many in the industry, the most headline-grabbing statistic was that mobile ads now make up an incredible 66% of the social network’s total advertising revenue. And yet, I reacted to the announcement with little surprise. After all, it shouldn’t be news to anyone that mobile advertising is growing at a remarkable rate – especially

Factory Media talks Programmatic and Native Advertising

Guest author Chris Talintyre is Head of Audience Development & Activation at Factory Media and talks about the power of understanding huge audiences in real-time and the opportunities it’s bringing to leading brands targeting sports enthusiasts. As consumers increasingly share content, it’s creating a huge amount of data to analyse giving us insight on not just our readers (think boarders, skaters, surfers, BMXers) but their friends, colleagues and contacts. We can better understand and connect with them through really engaging

If you want my data, reward me

At the moment, we provide our personal details free to data-gathering giants like Facebook and Google. That won’t always be the case, says guest writer Daniel de Bruin. Data security promises to be one of the main issues facing organisations in 2014. During the past year two main threats to data security have emerged. First, inadequate and weak security mechanisms have been used by most organisations. Second, it has been revealed that government security agencies have gained access to a

How to be smart about guest bloggers

Every week, I receive two or three requests to publish guest posts on my blog. The requests come by email from people I don’t know who almost always have a Gmail address, not a recognisable company domain. And there is usually nothing in the email about the person other than a name (which often doesn’t quite match the name in the email address), and no links to any presence on the social web. They offer to be guest bloggers, writing

Brian Solis and the evolution of social business

A guest post by Brian Solis. Businesses are aspiring to find the fountain of truth. Social media professionals believe that transparency and authenticity reveal the way. It does, to some extent. But it doesn’t answer how businesses can earn relevance among a new genre of connected consumers simply by embracing new technologies. The future of relevance requires “social” to become a philosophy….a way of business and a way of life. When Charlene Li and I studied the evolution of Social

Can Google Hangouts replace press conferences?

Faced with the problem of how to reconcile arranging a press conference for a VIP with the lack of a hard news story, independent communications consultancy Keene Communications adopted a different approach, one that might interest you. Guest writer Michael White explains. This is a story of why we chose to replace a press conference with a Google Hangout On Air and invited bloggers to participate instead of journalists. The results suggest that these types of events could offer a

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