One more time: A new episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report podcast

On The Air

In September 2015, Shel Holtz and I recorded the final episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report, a business podcast we’d presented for more than ten years. What started as a 30ish-minute show twice a week evolved over that decade into a 90-minute weekly talk show – “hefty but good” as we’d say – that then became the anchor in a growing network of podcasts that Shel had big plans for developing further. And so I hung up the microphone after well over 800 episodes. Since then I’ve been a guest on a couple of episodes of Shel’s replacement show, participating as a member of the discussion panel Shel puts together for each show. Next week, Shel and I will […]

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FIR is dead. Long live FIR!


On September 7, I co-hosted and recorded the last episode of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report with my podcasting partner, Shel Holtz. It’s a ritual Shel and I have followed every week for the past ten years and nine months since we published the first episode on January 3, 2005. If you’re a regular listener of FIR (the show gained that moniker in its early days), you’ll know that we announced the ending of this podcast in August serving notice, so to speak, that more than a decade of commentary and opinion on all matters at that intersection of business, communication and technology is drawing to a close. In the final episode I touched on the reasons […]

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FIR #824: Is SEO really dead?

Intro: Welcome to the final episode of ‘The Hobson and Holtz Report’; a quick note about ‘For Immediate Release’ beginning on September 21; Quick News: Hundreds of Wikipedia editors banned for secretly promoting brands, Barcelona Principles 2.0 unveiled, virtual reality update: Rebecca Minkoff VR headsets and VR’s role in B2B marketing, Spindle is a social app that encourages you to be selfish with your content; CustomScoop promo; News That Fits: Is SEO really dead? How content marketing and SEO can work together; Dan York’s Tech Report: Skype Messaging, mobile-friendly web pages, celebrities promoting sponsored ads on Facebook, and more; listener comments from the FIR Podcast Community on Google+; the past week on the FIR Podcast Network; hotline launched to help […]

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A new platform for a new network: the FIR Podcast Network is live

FIR Podcast Network

When we introduced For Immediate Release on January 3, 2005, we had no idea we’d still be podcasting more than a decade later. We didn’t know what the state of podcasting would be, that the scope of FIR would expand, or that podcast networks would be a thing. When we started, we just needed a website for show notes and a home for our audio files. Ten years later, we’re still here, with exactly the same website we started with. While our website hasn’t changed, though, everything else has. FIR is evolving into a podcast network, already home to The Hobson & Holtz Report along with the five podcasts we have spun off: Interviews, Book Reviews, FIR Live, FIR Cuts, […]

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FIR Interview: Julian Mills and Steven Green on social intranets

FIR Interviews

Communicators struggle to build genuine online engagement among employees using the various social tools available for intranets. Study after study shows that few employees use these tools, regardless of how much they might be engaged with external social media. At Bank of Montreal, though, Julian Mills overcame the obstacles to introduce social tools employees at all levels used to advance business goals. In this interview, FIR co-host Shel Holtz talks with Mills about the impetus for the introduction of social channels, and with TemboSocial CEO Steven Green, who worked with Mills to introduce the internal social media tools that drove the interaction on the Bank of Montreal intranet. (Julian participated via mobile phone; the audio quality isn’t quite up to […]

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