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For Immediate Release 92: Marketing failures of the UK’s Conservative Party

We said we’d do one episode together of the For Immediate Release podcast as a ‘limited return engagement,’ emulating The Hobson and Holtz Report that Shel and I did for ten years. We did do that with episode 84 in April. We enjoyed it so much we decided to do another one, and so we recorded episode 92 yesterday. In keeping with our ‘hefty but good’ slogan, Shel and I enjoyed a conversation over an hour and forty minutes that

For Immediate Release 84: the ‘limited return engagement’ episode

Recording episode 84 of the For Immediate Release podcast with Shel Holtz yesterday evening was like stepping into a new – but, at the same time, familiar – room to start a friendly conversation. It was The Hobson and Holtz Report again as we discussed a handful of highly-topical issues: Will social media will be a significant factor in the snap election called for by UK Prime Minister Theresa May? We also considered the role of social media in the

Fake Smiles

Topical issues for business communicators right now

On Monday January 2, I had a blast being a guest co-presenter on the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast episode 68 with Shel Holtz, CC Chapman and Dan York. Over the course of a lively 97 minutes – FIR podcasts always go for the long listen – we discussed, debated and opined on topical issues that are on the attention-agenda for many communicators. Here’s the headline list of what we discussed: The incoming press secretary for President-Elect Donald Trump has


FIR is dead. Long live FIR!

On September 7, I co-hosted and recorded the last episode of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report with my podcasting partner, Shel Holtz. It’s a ritual Shel and I have followed every week for the past ten years and nine months since we published the first episode on January 3, 2005. If you’re a regular listener of FIR (the show gained that moniker in its early days), you’ll know that we announced the ending of this podcast in

FIR #824: Is SEO really dead?

Intro: Welcome to the final episode of ‘The Hobson and Holtz Report’; a quick note about ‘For Immediate Release’ beginning on September 21; Quick News: Hundreds of Wikipedia editors banned for secretly promoting brands, Barcelona Principles 2.0 unveiled, virtual reality update: Rebecca Minkoff VR headsets and VR’s role in B2B marketing, Spindle is a social app that encourages you to be selfish with your content; CustomScoop promo; News That Fits: Is SEO really dead? How content marketing and SEO can

FIR #823: Do brands need Chief Narrative Officers?

Intro: Joe Thornley is sitting in for Neville on the penultimate episode of The Hobson & Holtz Report; the final show, episode 824, will air next Monday; a few words about For Immediate Release, the show that will fill the void left by Neville’s departure; Quick News: Facebook responds to suggestions that it benefits from copyright violations and introduces a new tool to help fight them; publisher performance on Instagram is through the roof; Instagram abandons the square-only photo and

FIR #822: The case against impressions as a digital metric

View image | Intro: Red Folder is free for a year to those affected by fires in the U.S. West, IABC Fellows talk measurement and ROI live this Thursday on ‘Circle of Fellows’; Quick News: Drones are taking off in the oil industry, the U.S. federal government partners with Yelp to get citizen reviews, personal photos at work: pictures that paint a thousand words; mobile messaging has come of age; CustomScoop promo; News That Fits: The case against impressions

A chat about podcasting

Since announcing in FIR #820 last week that I’ll be hanging up my FIR podcasting hat (or mic) next month after more than ten years of creating The Hobson and Holtz Report podcast with Shel Holtz each week, I’ve been humbled and encouraged by the array of messages and comments from fans and friends of FIR across all social networks. My favourite has to be this tweet from Mark Blevis: Scale :) Thank you again one and all. Last week,

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