Please stay, please go – Europeans make their case to UK voters

The UK and the EU

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A clear case for ‘Remain’ in the EU referendum vote

The simple cartoon above by Will Dawburn sums up many people’s feelings about political campaigning on the EU Referendum that we’ll be voting on in four days’ time, on Thursday June 23. For me, most communication by the Stronger In and Vote Leave campaigns, by other campaigners, by (a biased) mainstream media, by many politicians, by individuals with strong opinions across the social web, has been characterized by ugliness, lack of thought-leadership, relentless doses of FUD, half-arsed publicity stunts, and more, all of which deadens the senses, polarizes opinion and does little to help anyone grasp the issues and significance of them that might offer some insights into arriving at a decision on what to vote for on June 23. […]

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In data, small is the new big

Everyone’s talking about big data. Often, it’s Big Data where an initial capital in each word lends the phrase an air of great significance that focuses on size. From gigabytes to exabytes to zetabytes, you’re in no doubt that this is big with an impact on society of equal effect. Yet for most people I know, big data in alliance with size-words does little to help you understand what it means or, indeed, the relevance of it to your business. It’s easy to get lost in the hugeness of it all. This perspective on big data formed a large part of a discussion I took part in last week at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London, in the inaugural […]

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Podcast: How to create disruptive strategies of innovation with Erik Wahl #IBMConnect

Erik Wahl painting

Closing General Session at IBM Connect 2016: Discover Your Inner Artist: Wrap up your week on a fun and exciting note. Liz Urheim, Vice President of Collaboration and Smarter Workforce, will share her perspectives and summarize the week. She will then be joined by Erik Wahl, author of Unthink, who will inspire you to let go of your traditional thought patterns. His unique artwork-infused presentation will help you better understand how to create disruptive strategies of innovation. In this session you will learn that your best sustainable edge is being better at mastering change and innovation than your competition. Erik will share approaches to unlock new ways to make you and your organization more creative, more productive, and ultimately more profitable. My […]

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Podcast: How to be social in an anti-social world #IBMConnect


Breakout Session at IBM Connect 2016: How to be Social in an Anti-Social World: Learn how Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company of Arkansas planted the seeds of social within their organization and have gone from a single mindset to reaping the harvest of a social business. Hear from AFB’s Bobby Wood how they overcame the challenges of not wanting to be social and the turn-around to being a truly collaborative enterprise. With their new social intranet introduced to their users, they have gone from being a little house on the prairie to a neighborhood (community) where they can use one another’s talents to better the company. Their agents have learned how to share best practices and easily find the subject […]

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