Scotland referendum results via WhatsApp and more

Tomorrow, the United Kingdom will not be the same no matter what happens in Scotland today as citizens there cast their votes in a referendum to decide whether Scotland will separate from the UK and become an independent country, or not. The campaigning is done; now it’s up to the voters of Scotland to decide what they want for their country and the union with England that’s been in place since 1707. Obviously media of all types – mainstream, social

Making politics interesting again #EP2014

If Nigel Farage has achieved one other thing apart from his seismic shifting of the political landscape in the UK following elections for the European Parliament across the European Union on May 22, it’s making politics more interesting again. And not just in the UK, either. Unquestionably overshadowing the election for local government councillors that also took place in many constituencies in England and Northern Ireland last week, Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) – firmly to the right-of-centre in political

Redefining today’s communicator in Norway

When I look at the landscape of the communication profession around Europe, I see similar issues that concern communicators, most notably how strategic are communicators (and the profession itself), abiding by codes of conduct and practicing ethical behaviour, and being professional. It’s a topic in the front of my mind as I finalise plans for a keynote presentation to the members of the Norwegian Communications Association on March 27. The devil’s in the detail, of course, and what’s hot in

Results you can measure when you have a content marketing strategy

If the real challenge of content marketing is when you don’t have a strategy – like the 50% and more of companies in recent surveys in the US who don’t – imagine the possibilities when you do have a strategy. Possibilities are very real to businesses in EMEA, where communication professionals are seeing a high return on investment from implementing a content marketing strategy, according to a report published by integrated communications agency Waggener Edstrom in the UK. The report,

Careless talk can cost you your life

Belgian communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem is all about big ideas. Only ideas are the carriers of new thoughts and can influence behaviour, the agency says. Ideas are what differentiate human beings from other animals and computers. Ideas originate from creative processes, not from procedures. The award-winning agency is living up to this ideal with a video about identity theft its created as part of a campaign to promote safe online banking in Belgium and raise awareness of the

Remembering 7/7

Eight years ago on this date – on July 7, 2005 – suicide bombers killed over 50 people in London in  a series of terror attacks on  buses and tube trains during the morning rush hour. More than 700 people were injured, many severely. While 7/7 wasn’t of the magnitude nor horror of 9/11 four years earlier, it was very much our 9/11 moment. I was in London on that day  – the day after the celebrations of the news

Immersive LeWeb London

Today, June 5, is the first day of LeWeb London 2013, the two-day biz-tech fest that nearly 900 people have signed up to be part of, along with speakers, sponsors, journos and official bloggers. In that latter group, I’m one. The programme is terrific, and I’m really looking forward to being part of it all over the next two days. Thanks to the magic of WordPress scheduled posts, you’ll read this post at about the time on Wednesday morning I

Good reasons to be at LeWeb London in June

In ten days time, LeWeb London takes place. The overall theme is the sharing economy; the speaker line-up is fabulous, the agenda is compelling and, so, far, over 850 people have booked to be there on June 5 and 6. This third LeWeb conference in London – to complement the winter LeWeb Paris that’s been happening every year since the mid 00s – looks set to be as good as every LeWeb in recent years, and will once again feature

Survey reveals youthful aspirations for the future of business communication

One of the characteristics of the contemporary communications landscape is how it’s constantly changing. Predicting how advertising, marketing, public relations and the broad business communications spectrum will evolve and what it all may look like over the next decade requires vision and a clear line of sight on what you want to see. That’s precisely what some university graduates have done, as illustrated in a report published today by the MediaSchool Group. Titled “The Next Generation of Marcoms,” the report

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