Podcast: How to create disruptive strategies of innovation with Erik Wahl #IBMConnect

Erik Wahl painting

Closing General Session at IBM Connect 2016: Discover Your Inner Artist: Wrap up your week on a fun and exciting note. Liz Urheim, Vice President of Collaboration and Smarter Workforce, will share her perspectives and summarize the week. She will then be joined by Erik Wahl, author of Unthink, who will inspire you to let go of your traditional thought patterns. His unique artwork-infused presentation will help you better understand how to create disruptive strategies of innovation. In this session you will learn that your best sustainable edge is being better at mastering change and innovation than your competition. Erik will share approaches to unlock new ways to make you and your organization more creative, more productive, and ultimately more profitable. My […]

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Drone racing: the next big participatory spectator sport?

  It’s utterly nuts but, wow, what fun! Imagine the virtual participations, immersive spectating via the net, seeing the race through the lens of the drone’s video camera stream. Well, it’s coming to a venue in the USA soon. Check this out: Is drone racing the sport of the future?Welcome to the multimillion-dollar Drone Racing League. It feels like pod racing from Star Wars, but could very well become the first sport of the 21st century. Posted by Quartz on Tuesday, 26 January 2016   Think of the Formula 1 motor racing experience and the bird’s-eye view from a driver’s perspective with a camera streaming live video from above the driver’s head. A wholly different experience to that of actually […]

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From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker

In a few weeks’ time, the next episode in the Star Wars saga will be in the cinema. I already have my tickets and can’t wait to see it! It’s hard to imagine sometimes that the very first Star Wars film – what’s now known as “Episode 4: A New Hope” – in the Star Wars series was released in 1977, nearly 40 years ago. I was at the opening night in London. Before that, though, I’d read the book, the novel written by George Lucas according to the book’s title page, that became the movie. In fact, the paperback copy I read (and still have – see some pics of it in the gallery on this page) is described as […]

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IBM delivers the experience at Wimbledon 2015

Henman Hill

The picture above is of a landmark that’s well known by fans of the Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament that is taking place in London right now. It’s Henman Hill, the grassy mound smack in the middle of the Wimbledon venue, nicknamed thus for the now-retired British player Tim Henman. It’s packed with people – and usually more than than you see here – enjoying the live tennis on huge screens at the side of Number 1 Court to the right, just out of the view, or having a picnic in the glorious summer sunshine. I took the picture when I was there last week, on June 30, the second day of the championships. I was there not so much to […]

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Talking tech on live radio

For the past six months, I’ve been taking part in a live radio show every other Tuesday as a guest contributor to a morning show on Share Radio UK, a start-up digital radio station broadcasting in London and online. It’s huge fun discussing myriad topical stories related to technology with Georgie Frost, presenter of the daily Consuming Issues show, in the segment called #FutureTech. For about 20-25 minutes, Georgie and I talk about issues and topics that matter to consumers, sharing our thinking about those issues and topics that we think will interest, help or otherwise engage those consumers who listen on DAB or online. You can get a great sense of what our discussions are like with yesterday’s episode: […]

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