Part of my connectivity with people includes speaking at events like conferences and workshops.

During the past decade, I have developed a wide range of knowledge and some expertise in the broad area of social media, its impact on business and communication, and how organizations can best use new media channels to foster and develop true engagement between people.

Take a stroll through this site, review all the content you’ll find and see if you agree.

Like many of my peers in the organizational communication field, I receive invitations to participate in conferences, etc, as a speaker. I’m always happy to consider being part of a conference or other event and doing my bit to make it a success for everyone, organizers and participants alike.

Fee or pro bono?

As a general rule, I charge a fee and out-of-pocket expenses (such as travel and accommodation) to speak at a conference, workshop or other type of event, especially if the event is organized for profit, ie, the organizer charges people a fee to attend and/or the event is sponsored by one or more organizations.

Sometimes, I’m willing to consider participating in an event on a pro bono basis (ie, not charge a speaking fee) if the organizer or the event beneficiary is a not-for-profit organization, or the event has a compelling appeal to me such that I really want to be involved, fee or not.

I may waive a speaking fee at a for-profit event if no other speaker is receiving a fee or other form of compensation.

If you’re planning a conference and would like to discuss how we can work together, do get in touch:

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