"Always Make New Mistakes"
“Always Make New Mistakes,” a phrase coined by entrepreneur Esther Dyson, is a primary reinforcing message Neville often uses in speaking events.

I invest time in speaking and participating at conferences and other public events in Europe and North America, as well as online in webinars and other virtual events.

What I aim to achieve in such activities is to offer people actionable insight into a world of possibilities for them to improve their collaborative working and communication effectiveness.

At the same time, I look for ways to get to that “light bulb moment” – the moment when, as a presenter or discussion facilitator, you just know everyone is getting engaged with the topic or theme you’re talking about.

Not only do speaking engagements enable me to present and discuss how social media can provide tangible and measurable business benefits as an integral element of organizational communication, they also provide me with great opportunities to learn from the people I meet and listen to what’s actually happening in organizations today. Such learning is invaluable.

I also devise and lead training and educational workshops privately for organizations, independently or in collaboration with other subject-matter experts and opinion formers, outlined in the Consulting services page.

While much of the content I speak about at different events is common to all, I tailor all keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and other speaking activities to your specific needs and the characteristics of your organization.

I also provide you with collateral that you can use after our event, such as:

  • PowerPoint deck complete with speaker’s notes.
  • Links to all external content used or referenced in a keynote or workshop.
  • Copies of video, audio and other files and content used in a presentation or workshop, where available and subject to copyright permissions.

To get a sense of what I’ve talked about at public events in which I have participated during the past few years, you can review these presentation decks at Slideshare.

If you would like to inquire about my availability and terms for speaking at your event, or to flesh out an idea, please get in touch. (Also, please review my speaking policy.) Here’s how to reach me: