Creating a Unified Voice

Two bridges merge to symbolise new beginnings and seasmless transitions.

When I started this blog in 2020, I intended it as a companion site to my main blog, a sandbox to write about wider-ranging topics and my experiments with WordPress themes not quite fit for the main stage.

This site has served its purpose admirably, providing a space for explorations beyond the business, communications, and tech discussions that define my primary blog. But I’ve been thinking recently about what value this actually has. For me, it’s a good way to talk about things that interest me beyond the biz/comms/tech intersection that characterises the main blog. Some people find the content worth reading (they tell me) and sharing, so that’s good.

However, maintaining two separate platforms has become less enjoyable and increasingly cumbersome. A recent thought-provoking read from Search Engine Journal on the SEO implications of running multiple sites has tipped the scales for me. The article suggests that while there’s no direct SEO penalty for multiple sites, spreading one’s efforts thin can weaken overall domain authority and complicate content management.

So, I’ve decided to merge both blogs under one domain. This consolidation will not only streamline my work but also improve your access to a broader range of content in one central location. All existing content from Asides will be seamlessly integrated with and included in the main .com site, ensuring that everything remains accessible and Google-friendly.

I’m excited to embark on this project later this spring and would love to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about navigating a single, more comprehensive blog? I appreciate the comments and insights you care to share.

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The image at top was created by ChatGPT Plus and DALL-E 3 in response to my simple prompt: “Create an image of a visually striking bridge, perhaps with a sunrise or sunset in the background, to convey a sense of new beginnings and seamless transitions from the merging of my two blogs.”