Key Themes in my Writing Agenda for 2024

During the Christmas/New Year break, as I considered what topics I might explore in this blog in 2024, I reflected back to remind myself of what I’ve been writing about in 2023.

Given the blog’s broad embrace of being “at the intersection of business, communication, and technology”, it was no surprise to see that I wrote and published thirty-five articles during the past year across that broad spectrum, an average of just under three per month.

It won’t come as much surprise either when I tell you that my trusted assistant, ChatGPT Plus, analysed that sum total and spectrum and, in much less than 60 seconds, produced an assessment of my writing and what I had written about.

In 2023, the assistant said, covered a diverse range of topics, primarily focusing on the impact and evolution of technology in communication, social media, and public relations. Indeed, my experiences in social strategy and podcasting over the past 20 years have informed and shaped my perspectives on the topics I write about.

Here is a summary of the themes and subjects I’ve written about here during the past year:

Social Media and Communication Platforms

  • Changes and developments in popular social media platforms, especially Twitter (X), exploring its evolution, challenges, and the rise of alternative platforms like Mastodon, Pebble formerly T2, and Bluesky. (I just realised I didn’t write here about Threads in 2023, but undoubtedly I will in 2024.)

Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Digital Innovation and Trends

Public Relations and Communication Strategies

Global Events and Issues

Podcasting and Media

For 2024, the themes I’ve outlined will continue to evolve and remain relevant, and I will write about them mostly here but also on my asides blog, (my writing is a bit more random over there), as well as on influential business networks such as LinkedIn. I will talk about these themes in my podcasts, too.

Given the rapid advancements in technology and digital media, you can expect further insights into AI’s impact on communication and public relations, the continuous evolution of social media platforms, and the integration of innovative technologies in mainstream usage.

The global socio-political landscape, especially in relation to technology and media, will also remain a significant area of interest. My focus on these areas brings the blog to the forefront of discussion and analysis at the intersection of technology, communication, and global events.

Diving Deeper

As I draw this reflection to a close, I’m reminded of the very essence of our journey in the digital landscape. This week, as the For Immediate Release podcast I co-host with Shel Holtz celebrates its 19th anniversary, I am struck by the profound evolution we have witnessed in business communication. What began as an exploration into the burgeoning world of podcasting, aligned with our vision to delve into the heart of organisational communication and technology, has now become a cornerstone in the vast edifice of digital engagement.

I am inspired to dive deeper into the themes that have defined our digital age. From the revolutionary strides in artificial intelligence to the ever-changing dynamics of social media, this journey is far from over.

Join me as we explore the evolving landscape of technology and communication. Let’s unravel the complexities of this era and leverage its myriad opportunities. Subscribe to stay updated on the latest insights and discussions.

What topics are you most interested in for 2024?

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