Coca-Cola brings Old Masters to life with AI

Masterpiece follows the journey of a Coca-Cola bottle from one iconic painting to the next as it makes its way to a thirsty student in need of inspiration.

The VFX team at Electric Theatre Collective and creative agency Blitzworks used a mix of live action shots, digital effects and AI to create the commercial and its complex transitions.

The Coca-Cola Masterpiece campaign won’t be restricted to the two-minute commercial but will also include 3D billboards and digital collectibles. As a way to celebrate art this is campaign is great, but as a way to introduce the world to new contemporary artists Masterpiece is fantastic.

Full story: “Finally, a good use of AI? Coca-Cola’s new ad is a branding masterpiece” via Creative Bloq, 13/03/23

Highlighted Artwork: explore work by household names and emerging talent highlighted in Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece film.