The end of days

The front page of the i newspaper succinctly portrays the political landscape in the UK this morning.

It’s almost beyond reasonable belief that this country has arrived at such a state of chaos with not only a government in utter disarry and the economy in tatters but also the political party it represents being one that seems clueless as to what it stands for and what it offers the people of this country.

Three weeks ago I wrote that this government is all at sea with chaos and confusion about Liz Truss’ mini-budget, noting that she had no intention of changing plans announced by then-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng on 23 September.

Well, three weeks is a long time in British politics as that Chancellor was fired, the new Chancellor subsequently cancelled almost everything in that proposed budget, and we’ve witnessed what I see as a gradual implosion in government and party.

The chaos became almost surreal yesterday as open warfare broke out between Conservative MPs, Truss’ Home Secretary resigned with a new one quickly appointed.

As I watch this Monty Python Circus act continue (but without the humour), I look at those in the Cabinet and wonder how such a talentless-seeming bunch of people ever got into positions of government at such a high level.

Note I’m linking to the Wikipedia entry on the Cabinet as things change so fast that Wikipedia is the best source to keep up.

On the subject of talent and lack of, you can’t find a more credible assessment than that by Conversative MP Charles Walker whose honest and frank comments in a BBC interview last evening summarise today’s sorry state of affairs.

I’ve had enough of talentless people,” he said.

Conservative MP Charles Walker BBC interview

Today is a new day but a glance at the news suggests more of the same but faster. And today’s London Playbook newsletter from Politico contains the usual insightful political narratives and assessments. A very bleak outlook

Perhaps today is the end of days, or the milestone pointer to it, for Liz Truss and her government. And perhaps for the Conservative Party for some time.