Temperature alignments

As we start another heat wave here in the UK, the talk about temperatures increases.

One topic I find constant, especially in conversation with American friends, is understanding what various temperature measurements mean. For example, what’s 30 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit? (The answer is 30°C = 86°F.)

The questions are repetitious as they comes up almost daily in regular business chit chat. I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing this topic as the ice-breaker at the start of many Zoom or Teams meetings, with much back forth over the temperature conversion equivalent values.

Here’s a short cut – a Celsius to Fahrenheit conversation table that offers a quick way to increase everyone’s understanding of high temperature values in Celsius and their equivalent in Fahrenheit.

Now, no more blank looks or wild guesses when you say to your American colleagues and friends, “It’s going to be 35 degrees Celsius today.” Instantly everyone will know you mean it’s going to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’ve also included conversions for temperatures down to -15°C (5°F) so it will be handy in the winter as well.

You’re welcome!

Download the chart PDF.

(Photo at top by Ryan Stone on Unsplash)