Topics for FIR 270

My topics for discussion with Shel in For Immediate Release 270, our monthly long-form podcast episode for July 2022, published on July 18, 2022:

The Uber Files

The Uber Files are a leaked database of Uber’s activities in about 40 countries that reveals how Uber stormed into markets around the world, and how it used stealth technology and evasive practices to thwart regulators and law enforcement in at least six countries […]

To the game industry, NFTs are already dead

A better headline is: “NFTs are dead. Long live digital collectibles.” Sony just launched a new “digital collectibles” feature for a revamped PlayStation loyalty program. Grace Chen, Sony’s vice president of network advertising, loyalty and licensed merchandise, […]

Wikipedia blazes a trail to agreement in a divided world

In a deeply divided world, Wikipedia allows people everywhere seeking information on nearly any topic, to find a single page of agreed-upon facts – complete with citations. For that to happen, an often-fierce debate takes place on the talk pages behind every encyclopedia entry […]