Discussion topics for FIR podcast 257

My topics for discussion with Shel in the For Immediate Release monthly podcast episode 257 for May 2022, published on May 23, 2022:

The death of ‘mandatory fun’ in the office

If you’re an adult being forced to attend a team-building exercise, go to a post-work happy hour or celebrate in a conference room with your colleagues lest you be seen as ‘not a team player’, they’re mostly not ‘fun.’ The pandemic put an end to required birthday cupcakes, team happy hours and forced ‘fun’ activities. Many workers are deeply relieved, says BBC Worklife. The pandemic also helped many people realise that working effectively doesn’t necessarily require bells and whistles […]


After Buffalo shooting video spreads, social platforms face questions

On Saturday, a gunman in Buffalo, N.Y., mounted a camera to his helmet and livestreamed on Twitch as he killed 10 people and injured three more. Twitch said it reacted swiftly to take down the video of the Buffalo shooting, removing the stream within two minutes of the start of the violence. But two minutes was enough time for the video to be shared elsewhere […]


New research shows a strong correlation between the personal reputation of CEOs and that of their brands

Brand Finance tracked the personal reputation of the world’s top CEOs with a survey of 1000 analysts and journalists, and cross referenced it with its Global Brand Equity Monitor, an annual research programme tracking over 4,000 brands. A good example is Elon Musk, the famously outspoken founder and CEO of electric car company Tesla and would-be buyer of Twitter. Year-on-year tracking shows that as his own reputation as CEO saw an uptick, so too did the brand reputation of Tesla in the USA among consumers […]


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