Web3: Doses of real reality

With the hype about all things Web3 in full swing, there’s never been a better time for someone to take a sideways look at what’s going on in the big and bumpy landscape.

Enter Molly White, a software engineer and Wikipedia contributor, who combs through news and crypto sites to find the day’s most prominent scams, schemes, and rug pulls, in the words of Verge who interviewed her recently.

With her website Web3 Is Going Great, Molly brings some intelligent perspective – and some humour – to some of the many disasters happening in crypto, defi, NFTs, and other Web 3 projects, adding some concise perceptive narratives to each listing in the timeline she’s marking.

A taster from just this past week:

  • NFT artist “Robness” mints an NFT of a journalist’s childhood photo to harass her
  • Even Gary Vee gets upset with the shady business in NFTs sometimes
  • Leaders of the Canadian truck protest come up with hilariously complex plan to distribute the Bitcoins they’ve collected
  • BuildFinance DAO project treasury drained after “hostile takeover”
  • Coinbase experiences an outage during the Super Bowl

Seeing the good wood among all the hype trees is a tricky exercise. Good to see a place that distills some essence.

Keep going, Molly!