FIR 204: Won’t you Join Us in our Clubhouse?

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How safe is Clubhouse? asks Wired magazine in the latest critical look at the social audio service that appeared in April 2020 – less than a year ago. It’s attracting huge attention globally.

Alongside the hype and hyperbole that have been hallmarks of the perceived attractiveness and exclusivity of the invitation-only iOS app that passed ten million users in February – a five-fold growth since recording two million in January – there’s increasing scrutiny of how the app works and how it deals with user privacy, data security, content moderation and more.

In the February episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report (episode 204 of the For Immediate Release podcast) that we recorded last weekend, Shel and I discuss Clubhouse from the communicator’s perspective, weighing up what we see as pros and cons of an embryonic social network that could be the poster child for an emerging segment in the social media landscape – real-time voice conversations with social features.

This segment is already a crowded place with start-ups galore. Jeremiah Owyang makes a credible analysis of what’s happening and offers his take on a roadmap, business models and a forecast.

Shel has been using Clubhouse for a while and in our discussion he outlines some of the benefits he sees for this app as a business communication tool. I’ve not used it yet (I have no iOS devices) so I’ve been merely an observer of what’s going on.

While I can see the benefits Shel sees, we’re both also concerned about privacy and other issues that I think seriously overshadow Clubhouse as increasing scrutiny reveals.

Before we got to the big Clubhouse topic, we talked about podcasts and can they be moderated (a question applying to Clubhouse, too), what happens when you introduce a new IT system and haven’t got employee comms along for the ride, the right and wrong ways to leverage newsjacking, ‘branter’ and long-term brand value; plus Dan York‘s tech report that covers Facebook’s erstwhile ban in Australia on news content, and the new Twitter Spaces, a Clubhouse rival on Android and iOS devices as part of Twitter that’s in limited testing before forthcoming launch.

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