SDF 40: We’re not in Kansas anymore

Thomas, Sam and I recorded episode 40 of our Small Data Forum podcast last week with strong and trenchant opinions on the forthcoming US presidential election.

It’s a topic we have discussed in many episodes this year, principally considering the Trump Effect that four years of this man in the White House has had on America and the wider world – disastrous or MAGA depending on your point of view.

So now we are but days away from an event that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on America no matter the result, an impact that will ripple and reverberate around the world.

In episode 40 we did add our two-cents-worth to the Trump opinion pool, as Thomas notes in the show notes for this episode:

With the election of POTUS 46 only days away, we share some views from our respective crystal balls. And while Sam, based on recent lecture of Alain de Botton’s School of Life, praises Neville for his overall melancholic-pessimistic outlook – a virtue, according to de Botton, that helps us towards serenity and contentment through lowliness of expectations – none of us can bring ourselves to place our money with the 80%.

And perhaps the most worthy part of this entire episode is the prediction each of us made as to the outcome of #USElection2020

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Also, head over to our podcast blog to read the rest of Thomas’ excellent narrative show notes with links to sources and opinions about many of our discussion topics.

It’s a terrific complement to the audio.

In our next episode, number 46, we’ll be discussing the outcome of this US election, aiming to add meaning with our opinions on topics and what others say. Recording on Friday November 13, publishing the show on Monday November 16.

Neville Hobson

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