FIR ZoomChat 10: Virtual Tours

Among the topics in this week’s FIR ZoomChat: What services companies have introduced during the coronavirus that may (or may not) still be around after it’s all over.

Also, Sherrilynne Starkie shares what her museum clients are doing while nobody is allowed in museums, including virtual tours conducted by curators over Instagram Live.

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[Updated June 4] We experienced a technical difficulty on June 4 that meant we couldn’t do our Zoom Chat on that day. So join us on Thursday June 11 at 1pm EDT / 6pm UK time for the next episode of FIR ZoomChat. You’ll need the specific Zoom URL for this meeting: contact Shel or Neville for that, or via the contact page on the FIR website, or @FIRpodcast.

(Photo at top by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash)