FIR 195: UN call to educate, uplift and inspire the world

In the last few episodes of For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, we’ve been highlighting great examples of how organisations are engaging with employees, customers and other stakeholder groups during this time of coronavirus lockdown.

In this episode 195 for May that Shel and I recorded a week ago, the example of what the United Nations is doing captured our imaginations leading to a great discussion.

In a global call to action at the end of April, the UN asked for help in translating critical public health messages into work that would engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities and platforms. The shortlisted work would reach everyone, everywhere.

In a short few weeks, with the original call to action globally amplified across social media by Unsplash, there is now a library of artwork known as the United Nations COVID-19 Response Creative Content Hub containing works to educate, uplift, and inspire individuals and communities all across the world through this global crisis.

You can freely access the images directly via Unsplash at The image at the top of this page is one from the UN collection there.

This topic is one of a number of themes that we talked about in this podcast, including:

  • Online retailers go postal in the US
  • The importance of being true to your brand purpose during the pandemic
  • New tools on LinkedIn
  • The evolution of brand movies
  • How Skype faded while Zoom rose

Dan York reports on Facebook’s acquisition of GIPHY and the opportunities for communicators to learn more about live streaming.

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