FIR Zoom Chat 4: Zoom burnout

Zoom burnout

With so many people using video conferencing tools – especially Zoom – in their new-normal working from home lockdown environment, there’s a rise in anxiety and stress when it comes to using a tool like this as your primary method of real-time communication across the work/life divide.

It’s leading to burnout says Angela Lashbrook writing in OneZero last week:

When we’re already forced to conduct our work life via the same means, it’s perfectly reasonable to become overwhelmed when suddenly your entire social circle thinks you’re 100% available all the time to hop on Zoom or Houseparty.

“With no delineation of work and home, most people I know are on calls all day,” says Reema Mitra, a brand strategist based in New York. “On the weekends, I am exhausted from all the calls, so I don’t want to use more screens to see friends, and overall that makes me sad.”

A good topic for the fourth weekly Zoom Chat on April 16 featuring listeners and FIR co-hosts Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz.

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