SDF 32: When Henry VIII met Dr Strangelove

If historical analogies provide the measure of a man, then Downing Street henchman-in-chief, lead iconoclast and perpetual ideas recyclist “Classic Dom” Cummings is doing a spectacularly good job, writes Thomas Stoeckele introducing the show notes for episode 32 of our Small Data Forum podcast.

In this episode that Thomas, Sam Knowles and I recorded just a week after Boris got Brexit done, we disagree with such a wild claim mostly in a reasonable way (although Thomas has a different view on that).

In a lively debate with much side-stepping into non-Brexit discussion, we discussed the latest on Classic Dom, as Thomas mentions, including his weird job ad (what I describe as a “thinking-out-loud blog post”).

We talked about the besiegement of the BBC, censoring and boycotting the press; we consider the Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 and what 20 years of data has produced; we also have some Davos including climate change; and much more.

Listen here, right now:

Also, head over to our podcast blog for Thomas’ excellent narrative show notes with his usual trenchant opinion on the political landscape.

It’s a terrific complement to the audio.

Neville Hobson

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