I am always European

And so, we’ve left.

I didn’t consider Brexit Day on Friday 31 January 2020 as a day to celebrate anything. I didn’t watch the TV. I didn’t contribute any comments, likes, retweets. In fact, nothing at all to say on any social network.

I was mostly absent.

The only thing I did on Friday was update my profile pic on Facebook.

This morning, I caught up a bit on what’s being said and who’s saying it across the broad spectrum of the online landscape.

I saw nothing to inspire me. Yes, there are a great many people – the informed and the uninformed – with narratives and worthiness talking up the great future we’ll have, or the impending disaster that’s about to engulf us.

But all I feel is a profound sense of sadness.

Sadness over our departure from the European Union: it really has happened. Sadness about the ugliness I’ve seen expressed by some people in this country against anyone who has a different point of view or just looks different. Sadness that the future still looks uncertain. And alarm at the general fear, uncertainty and doubt that seems to be growing in democracies everywhere.

Above all, sadness that nearly half a century of idealism, optimism and just being part of something bigger than each of us or any one country for the advantage of everyone has fractured.

The only comfort I take today is this: No matter what the politicians say or do, I am always European.

(Girl and balloon image at top via https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/412572015850047254/ )

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