FIR 176: Our 1,000th episode is hefty but good

FIR 1000

The February 2019 edition of the Hobson and Holtz Report podcast, aka FIR episode 176, is a show that marks a big milestone for Shel and I.

It’s the 1,000th episode* of a podcast that we began in January 2005.

In addition to recollections of times past and comments from listeners from throughout FIR’s 14-plus-year history, plus special news from Shel about continuity plans, we report on these stories in this episode:

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

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*The formula for calculation that gives us 1,000 is a simple one:
176 episodes of “For Immediate Release” (the weekly show including the monthly H&H Report since September 2015) + 824 episodes of “For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report” (the original bi-weekly then weekly show from January 2005 to September 2015) = 1,000.

But there’s more!

In addition to the anchor show Shel and I do, we have also done myriad interviews, book reviews, and live shows. Take interviews, for instance: the archive blog has over 30 pages of interview posts. At 7 posts per page, that’s over 230 podcasts.

And that’s just FIR/H&H content – if you visit the FIR Podcast Network, you’ll see more than 20 active podcasts produced by people with a passion for their topics and linked to the FIR brand.

You can explore the FIR archive, our home for a decade before we moved to the current site in 2015. It’s a veritable memory lane.