For Immediate Release 130: Facebook’s Moments of Truth


In this monthly episode of The Hobson & Holtz Report aka FIR 130, the major discussion surrounded Facebook and the growing crisis embroiling the social network over alleged misuse of data about users and their friends by the political consultancy and data mining firm Cambridge Analytica.

Shel and I offered a plethora of opinion and considered some of the elements of this kerfuffle from a communicator’s perspective.

Other stories that made the discussion list in this episode included how Twitter now does not allow you to post identical tweets via multiple Twitter accounts; how Millennials are more prone to punish brands for scandals; Coca-Cola and the US State Department are to use blockchain to combat forced labour; Sierra Leone just ran the first blockchain-based general election; and more including Dan York’s Tech Report.

Full Run List:

  • Media Intelligence Minute from Carma
  • Twitter penalizes identical comment posted from multiple accounts. This is especially problematic for brands, and for scheduling tools like HootSuite and GaggleAmp. Via the HootSuite Blog and the Twitter Developer Blog.
  • Facebook: Still a terrible example of crisis communication
  • Igloo Software spot
  • Facebook, privacy, and scandal: stormy with a high chance of regulation. Neville thinks nothing will change at Facebook unless advertisers desert them in droves.
  • Jason Calacanis offers $100,000 seed money if your team can build a “Facebook-killer.”
  • Social Chorus spot
  • 28% of U.S. adults have stopped using a brand because of something negative they learned about in the news.
  • Speaking of CSR, Coca-Cola partners with the Blockchain Trust Accelerator to fight forced labor with smart contracts. Shel is enthusiastic about blockchain’s potential to create an immutable record of truth.
  • Dan York’s Tech Report: the 101st  meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force, TLS 1.3, Messaging Layer Security, and more Facebook.
  • Blockchain and voting

FIR 130

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