For Immediate Release 113: Not a 280-Character Episode


Shel and I recorded the November edition of the monthly Hobson & Holtz Report podcast. We had a great chinwag on these topics:

  • A follow-up to our KFC story (about 11 herbs and spices); the social media team struck again.
  • Twitter has made its new expanded 280 character count available to almost everyone. Not everyone is happy about it.
  • Uber’s new CEO took an investigator’s advice and scrapped the company’s old values statements. Instead of simply crafting a new one, he crowdsourced it to his employees, who responded in a big way.
  • The traditional media thinks the fake news problem is elevating trust in the traditional media. Audiences don’t agree.
  • When pregnant US mums get information from a website with social media elements, they’re more likely to get their children vaccinated and keep those vaccinations up to date. There are lessons here about mixing content and social media that go beyond healthcare.
  • A blockchain startup aims to change the CV forever, which could also change the nature of employment. Meanwhile, Microsoft has connected Office 365 and LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant.
  • Taylor Swift’s attorneys created a crisis that could have been averted with advice from a PR professional.
  • Dan York’s Tech report includes Dan’s take on Twitter’s new character count along with more news from Twitter, including a technical issue affecting search results around words related to sexuality, longer name lengths, and problems with its user verification process. Dan also covers the impending release of WordPress 4.9 and the upcoming “Freedom on the Net” report.

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