One more time: A new episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report podcast

The Hobson and Holtz Report

In September 2015, Shel Holtz and I recorded the final episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report, a business podcast we’d presented for more than ten years.

What started as a 30ish-minute show twice a week evolved over that decade into a 90-minute weekly talk show – “hefty but good” as we’d say – that then became the anchor in a growing network of podcasts that Shel had big plans for developing further.

And so I hung up the microphone after well over 800 episodes.

Since then I’ve been a guest on a couple of episodes of Shel’s replacement show, participating as a member of the discussion panel Shel puts together for each show.

Next week, Shel and I will once again be at our microphones, but this time recording a special edition of Shel’s replacement show, episode #84. It won’t be a panel discussion, just Shel and I having a chat about topics of interest to communicators worldwide as we used to do in The Hobson and Holtz Report.

I’m excited to be doing this again and can’t wait to hear what we produce! We’ll be deciding discussion topics this week – if you have a suggestion for one you’d like us to weight in on with some opinions, let us know with a tweet to Shel (@shelholtz) or me (@jangles). Or to @FIRpodcast.

The Hobson and Holtz Report (For Immediate Release episode #84)
A Special Limited Return Engagement
Monday April 24, 2017, recording available sometime after 1900 BST (1400 EDT) – embed here when it’s published

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