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On Monday January 2, I had a blast being a guest co-presenter on the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast episode 68 with Shel Holtz, CC Chapman and Dan York.

Over the course of a lively 97 minutes – FIR podcasts always go for the long listen – we discussed, debated and opined on topical issues that are on the attention-agenda for many communicators. Here’s the headline list of what we discussed:

Take a listen right here:

I hung up the FIR mike in 2015 after ten years of co-presenting The Hobson & Holtz Report with Shel. It was a genuine pleasure to be at the other end of a digital audio and video connection with Shel once again. Plus CC and Dan, both of whom I’ve known for the better part of the past decade.

A good start to the New Year!

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