Vuelio’s top UK PR blogs 2016


The latest list of Vuelio’s top ten PR blogs in the UK published on April 13 has a few changes, notably in the top spot.

The number 1 slot is now occupied by Stephen Waddington, displacing yours truly (that’s me) from that position after four consecutive years. I’m now in the number 2 position that had been held by Wadds for much of that period.

Wadds deserves the top ranking as he consistently and frequently writes and publishes great content on his blog that addresses and discusses issues, events and more focused on the business and practice of public relations. If you want keen and actionable insights into PR, Wadds’ blog is the place to get it (subscribe).

For my part, PR is a strong interest area but no longer the prominent one that I write about. Especially since I joined IBM at the beginning of the year, my interests have become stronger in areas I’ve always been keen on – such as artificial intelligence (IBM Watson in particular), machine learning and related topics – but now mostly to do with trends, impacts and effects on organizations, people and behaviours rather than purely on communication and communicators.

(That said, I do have some firm views on such things in the PR context.)

Plus, the volume and frequency of what I post to this blog has decreased markedly over the past three months, which undoubtedly has an impact on things like a blog ranking.

Here’s the list:

Blog Sole or primary author
1. Stephen Waddington Stephen Waddington
2. Neville Hobson
3. PRexamples Rich Leigh
4. Mark My Words Mark Borkowski
5. PRmoment Ben Smith
6. Michael White
7. Norton’s Notes Chris Norton
8. Berkeley PR Multiple authors
9. Hotwire Multiple authors
10. Vuelio Blog Multiple authors

See the 2015 top 10 ranking published last September to compare rankings with this year’s list.

The 2016 top 10 list from Vuelio is a terrific collection of insights, commentary and opinion that is worth making a regular activity in your professional reading.

Neville Hobson

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